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domenica 4 settembre 2016


SONY Legacy (889853181117).
19 agosto 2016
Doppio LP

Manufactured By – Optimal Media GmbH – BG 38 751-02
Phonographic Copyright (p) – RCA Records
Copyright (c) – RCA Records
Distributed By – Sony Music Entertainment
Record Company – Sony Music Entertainment International Services GmbH
Mastered At – Battery Studios, New York
Mastered At – Optimal Media GmbH
Mixed At – Sam Phillips Recording Studio
Overdubbed At – Youngun Sound Studio
Overdubbed At – Creative Workshop
Made By – Sony DADC

NOTE: the most complete and comprehensive collection of Presley's final studio recordings ever assembled in one anthology, Way Down In The Jungle Room is an essential and welcome addition for every fan's library. In the mid-1970s, Elvis, the King of Rock 'n' Roll, became another kind of pioneer as one of the world's first major recording artists to create fully-realized professional level records in the intimacy of his own home studio.

With original recordings executive-produced by Elvis Presley with producer Felton Jarvis (who'd helmed most of Elvis' records from 1966-1977), Way Down In The Jungle Room brings together, for the first time in one collection, master recordings and rare outtakes laid down during two mythic sessions (February 2-8, 1976 and October 28-30, 1976) in Graceland's den--known as the "Jungle Room"--which was converted into a professional caliber recording studio for the purpose of capturing these indelible performances.

The outtakes have been newly mixed by Grammy Award-winning engineer Matt Ross-Spang at Sam Phillips Recording in Memphis, Tennessee.

For these sessions, Elvis was backed by many members of his longtime touring band including: James Burton (guitar), Ronnie Tutt (drums), David Briggs (keyboards), Glenn D. Hardin (keyboards), Jerry Scheff (bass), Norbert Putnam (bass) and J.D. Sumner & the Stamps (vocals).

1. Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall - take 1 (5:15)
2. She Thinks I Still Care - take 10 (6:30)
3. The Last Farewell - take 2 (4:15)
5. Solitaire - take 7 (5:37)

1. I'll Never Fall In Love Again - take 5 (4:04)
2. Moody Blue - take 1 (3:53)
3. For The Heart - take 1 (3:55)
4. Hurt - take 3 (2:30)
5. Danny Boy - take 9 (4:02)

1. Never Again - take 9 (3:56)
2. Love Coming Down - take 3 (3:17)
3. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain - take 4 (4:59)
4. She Thinks I Still Care - (alternate version) take 2 (4:26)

1. It's Easy For You - take 1 (5:24)
2. Way Down - take 2 (3:50)
3. Pledging My Love - take 3 (5:34)
4. For The Heart - take 4 (4:13)

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14 commenti:

  1. Tyvm Marco for this
    It's a great one depicting the great voice of The King
    Keep up the great work here my friend
    You are doing a great job on your sites

    Takin Care Of Elvis Forever

  2. Great share Marco , Great Rip you've done a great job

  3. Please give credit where it is due: [To]: *D.J.-Maciek!*

    1. Who are you ? I've downloaded this one fron TORRENT file !

    2. This album is not available as a torrent. The CD Is but the LP isn't. These photo's are taken by DJ Maciek, so give credit where credit is due.

    3. I tell you for the third time: this album came from TORRENT file (MONOA site). If you don't believe me, I don't care. Adios.

    4. I mean 'MONOVA' obviously...

  4. @ Marco don't worry about some idiotic comments here from some characters that venture here -
    It's ok for them to happily take what you have to offer here and stab you any way they can. This I detest from any one

    I know as well as many of your true friends do that you do your very best at all of your blogsites that you run
    Keep up the great work in all you do and tyvm for them
    I'll always back you up in all you do on all your sites
    Tyvm my friend Marco

    Takin Care Of Elvis Forever

    1. I have took this folder from Torrent. And it's available also on DC++ hubs ! That's incredible... I gave credits to everyone when I knew something about a release... I don't know nothing about that, so how can believe to someone who write something here ???

  5. Lo scrivo anche in italiano: è inutile che qualcuno scriva nei commenti frasi tipo 'la cartella è mia!' o 'la copertina è mia !'... Come posso credere ad uno sconosciuto ? Io, quando qualcuno mi invia una cosa o quando so chi l'ha 'lavorata', l'ho SEMPRE scritto: "Thanks to..." ma se non ne so niente, prego astenersi dal rompere i marroni !!!

  6. Hello! I do not want to inquire whence comes this file. The Internet is a place where you just have to reckon with the fact that everything around him can spill without the knowledge or consent of the author. We suggest to chose only to think whether it was right to place information where it is placed in the file? If it gets a rip material and scans the graphics yourself everything is OK. However, if you chew a file from somewhere and is not its direct by then it would be about simply mention. So I'm doing on the run for twelve years forum. Just as I feel, because I know that someone (even if anonymous) put his work in his creation. Just a simple note that the information placed the file is not written by me, or was I simply shared. Please, it's just simply think. It is not my purpose antagonizing only courtesy suggestion.

    Regards :-)


    1. Your comment is here, so everyone could read your credit. Anyway, it's very hard for me managing a blog when everyone could claim something... If you have make this artwork, bravo, very good job. But please, believe me... I wish only sharing my collection and something has taken from the NET and in that folder, there were no credits... Regards. P.S. At this time, TORRENT file exists no more but it's available by "DC++" software.

  7. Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.

  8. I is not about thanks to whoever something clicked, performed the scans and placed. I mean, pure and clarified information that if you can fit something that we are not the author, and it comes from a source "out of the external", in this case as you say with the network P2P (peer-to-peer), it is simply to inform. This intersection so simple, because i administer the blog, which looks pretty interesting. For a cool atmosphere and its further development think themselves so, my, modest suggest this.

    Regards :-)