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venerdì 28 ottobre 2016


Elvis Adrenaline '71 DVD: January and February 1971.
Region 0 (Free)
his DVD does not contain the singing voice of Elvis Presley. With this DVD you are able to view footage of Elvis on stage that has been filmed by fans on 8mm.

Elvis Adrenaline '71 DVD - Mega-collector and Super8 shooter Jean-Marc Gargiulo has once again opened his super 8mm archives and like Elvis Adrenaline volume 1, the footage to be released here for the first time ever, again being trasfered digitally from the original reels for you viewing pleasure.
This time breathtaking 8mm footage of Elvis on stage in 1971 is waiting for the fans, with the total running time doubled in comparison to volume 1. Turned back the wheels of time when Elvis reigned in Las Vegas - rare stage suits, wild karate moves and impressive performances that exceed all expectations. But there is more than that!

As a special bonus, the complete 8mm footage of the historic stage comeback in Las Vegas in the year 1969 has been digitalized and restored in the well known best quality for this DVD. The whole material is available in never before reached quality, full length and unedited. In addition, a detailed, interesting and entertaining documentary with many rare pictures, seldom heard sound recordings and documents from the time period has also been added.

Many thanks to Kevin.

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3 commenti:

  1. Thank you very much for sharing !

  2. Good one thanks Marco for this
    The Adrenaline '70 was the prequel to this
    I do own this as well as the prequel im sure
    I need to check my dvd collection some time
    God bless you

  3. Ty Kevin too for this great dvd ! This dvd shows Elvis live on stage at Vegas in 70 to 71 / a great era to me and to many fans like me
    Long Live The King 👑