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giovedì 10 novembre 2016


PAL or NTSC Formats. Region 0 (Free)

Elvis Adrenaline contains a documentary about the changes in Elvis' life and career from 1968 to 1970.
It is a high quality documentary with rare and unreleased photos and different super8 footages of that time frame.
A real sensation is a short but unreleased piece of 1969 Super8 footage of 'Elvis on Stage'.
This documentary gives information and the historic context to the viewers and prepares them to enjoy the great super8 concert footage of the year 1970.
This footage has been captured from the original reel with a highly professional procedure.
After the transfer, a huge post-production effort restored the material (which is now over 30 years old).
So now it looks nearly like it had been just filmed! An additional small documentary gives the viewer an impression, how a production like this is realised. And how it has been managed to bring Super8 footage in that brilliant quality on a DVD.
This DVD is highly adapted for 8mm-lovers, but also very recommendable for the 'regular' Elvis fan.
The documentaries on the DVD explain the historic context and the historic value of the footage shown to us. Also the documentaries are interesting and entertaining.
So that even people which are not so related to Elvis will enjoy themselves viewing the documentaries.
The design of the DVD disc looks like a 'Super 8' reel.

This DVD does not contain the singing voice of Elvis Presley.
With this DVD you are able to view footage of Elvis on stage that has been filmed by fans on 8mm.

Many thanks to Kevin.

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1 commento:

  1. Tyvm Kevin and Marco for this
    This one accompanies the other DVD entitled Adrenaline 71
    This one is great to watch especially as it consists some great footage from
    Praytome publishing has produced some great titles such as this
    Pity they went out of circulation with their titles
    Keep up the great work here