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mercoledì 16 novembre 2016

Elvis-30 #1 [DVD audio]

Please Note: This is a DVD-Audio disc which is playable on most DVD players as well as all DVD-Audio players.

Audio DVDs are a relatively new concept. The idea is that with multi channel recordings we are not restricted to the basic 2 channels of stereo but can increase these to five or more channels that surround you.
Movies and their related DVDs already carry this information so why not expand the listening pleasure of music CDs as well?
The real difficulty of trying this with the 'Elv1s #1s' CD is that the majority of tracks were recorded in either 3-track stereo or mono.

If you already own a 5.1 surround-sound system then the first 6 tracks are worth the price of the CD alone. Being able to listen to each individual audio track and the various permutations means that, if you are someone like me, you can really investigate every nuance of every song. You can listen to 'In The Ghetto' with just Elvis and the guitars or add the horns and remove the bass. There are literally more than 100 combinations you try for every multi-track song! So for the Elvis audio fetishists there is hours of listening fun and entertainment.

However there is just as much pleasure in sitting back and letting this brand new, fabulous listening experience wash over you. I'm sure there will be a lot of complaints with people being picky about the mono tracks and other minor details but I loved the total experience and there is so much more to explore on an audio DVD like this.

Many thanks to Joe.

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