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giovedì 3 novembre 2016

OFF DUTY WITH PRIVATE PRESLEY [Memphis Recording Service]


CD e libretto allegato di 100 pagine con rare fotografie di Elvis durante il servizio militare.
La parte audio inizia con la seduta di registrazione del giugno 1958 (Elvis era appena partito per il servizio militare in Texas) per proseguire con la festa in casa di Eddie Fadal a Fort Hood, il 27 maggio 1958, per terminare con alcune registrazioni domestiche del 1959 in Germania.


Master Recordings - RCA Studio B, Nashville Tennessee - June 1958
01 A Big Hunk O' Love
02 I Need Your Love Tonight
03 (Now & Then There's) A Fool Such As I
04 I Got Stung

Private Home Recordings - Eddie Fadal Residence, Waco Texas - May 1958
05 Sail Along Silvery Moon / I Understand Just How I Feel
06 Happy, Happy Birthday Baby
07 Dialogue
08 I Can't Help It
09 Dialogue
10 Who's Sorry Now
11 Who's Sorry Now Reprise#2
12 Happy, Happy Birthday Baby Reprise#2
13 Happy, Happy Birthday Baby Reprise#3
14 Happy, Happy Birthday Baby Reprise#4
15 Happy, Happy Birthday Baby Reprise#5
16 Happy, Happy Birthday Baby Reprise#6
17 Dialogue
18 Tumblin' Tumbleweeds / Blue Moon / Don?t You Know I Love You
19 Tomorrow Night
20 Tomorrow Night Reprise#2
21 Little Darlin'
22 Monologue
23 Just A Closer Walk With Thee
24 Elvis Arrival in Germany - Ray Barracks, Friedberg 2nd October 1958

Private Home Recordings - Bad Nauheim, Germany - Summer 1959
25 At The Hop
26 I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen
27 Que Sera Sera / Hound Dog
28 I Asked The Lord
29 I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen (Fast Unedited Version)
30 Apron Strings (Unedited version)
31 The Titles Will Tell
32 At The Hop / Give Me Oil In My Lamp
33 Que Sera Sera (Reprise#2)/ Hound Dog (Reprise#2)
34 Piano Solo
35 Send Me Some Lovin'


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1 commento:

  1. Pure brilliant outlook of Elvis whilst not recording at the studio at Nashville etc
    These gems recollect Elvis during his relaxation whilst in the army doing what he did best to relax etc
    These recordings are part of the legacy that is Elvis Presley for all fans to enjoy
    Many of these recordings have surfaced on many imports ( bootlegs) over the years on vinyl and such
    Many thanks 🙏 to Marco in sharing these with me and all fans that are present here

    Tyvm my friend and keep up the great work here
    Long Live The King 👑