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giovedì 9 marzo 2017


Live at the Sahara Tahoe Hotel, Stateline, Nevada. May 27, 1974. 3AM show.
AUDIO: soundboard.
MP3 (128 kbps).

Taken from "A profile-The King on stage, volume 2" box set.

LINK: https://mega.nz/#!c9UygA7Y!OWlYmwdauW-IKn_ikn5r2zTBFRiwDtlKfIzPhUE9RNs

5 commenti:

  1. Pure brilliance tyvm for this show
    Lake Tahoe was a really difficult auduence to please at the very best of times for him
    He met his challenges and embraced them
    Long Live The king

  2. Un gros merci Marco pour ce partage.
    Merci ce dédier votre temps et vos efforts à l'héritage musical du King.

  3. Info about Lake Tahoe
    1*Sales were selling fast at Vegas and Lake Tahoe was the next place if the fans were to see him work on stage

    2*The clientele who attended the Vegas shows were fans mainly along with the celebrities who witnessed his shows
    Lake Tahoe had mainly fans and people who craved for the "Night Life" to coin a phrase
    These were people of all ages ago attended these late shows
    3* Some of the shows that Elvis did at Lake Tahoe were 3Am shows that ran for an hour or so

    4*The earliest shows that he gave at Lake Tahoe were dinner shows that commenced at 9pm and ran for an hour and a half at times

    5*Lake Tahoe shows were more relaxed than the Vegas shows due to the schedule he was under

    6* Vegas shows were tight with dinner and midnight shows

    7* Lake Tahoe shows were paced out well
    With dinner and 3am shows at times

    8*Lake Tahoe was not only a resort for the rich and famous _ it catered for all walks of life who wanted to see his shows

    9* Elvis rocked at Vegas and Lake Tahoe simultaneously at different times during his career

    10*Now that's a challenge in my books to coin a phrase
    Elvis was a phenomenon and unique in every way
    Long Live Elvis The King Forever

  4. Grazie Mille per questa CD!!!

    1. Additional Info
      This show can be found on the following title too
      Sahara Tahoe Hotel
      Label : Snowball
      Highlights are
      The First Time Ever I Saw ​Your Face, Why Me Lord , The Wonder Of You, It's Now Or Never ,Polk Salad Annie a.others

      Other CDs that this show us on are
      Blue Spanish Eyes CD 3
      Label Wonderland
      Catalogue Number : WLR 2140
      Released :2010
      Touring The Seventies Volume One
      Cd 5
      Catalogue Number King 14976
      Label :King Records
      Released :2009