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sabato 18 marzo 2017


Live at the Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada. August 31, 1973. Dinner show.
LABEL: Coleco [Coleco GT 5609].
AUDIO: **** / *****
MP3 (128 kbps).

LINK: https://mega.nz/#!TsxBUDSS!CGNdUCe-Afqf6beRR2Piyygw8L0EmxaHchriqKtW9B4

6 commenti:

  1. Thanks again Marco for this share. Earthquake could be a title for many of Elvis' releases. He moved everything around when he was there. Thanks you so much again for your excellent work here my friend. Keep up your great work here.

  2. A great show tyvm Marco for this
    This show is on another import entitled
    Getting Down To Business
    Label : Union Music Ltd
    Released : 2002
    Catalogue number : CD02/01
    Elvis wore the black Spanish suit in this show
    This is a great show
    Vegas was buzzing so was Elvis during this time
    Enjoy the info
    Greetings sent

  3. More info about Vegas shows in '73 to my knowledge
    Lisa Marie was in the audience on this show as he sang the song "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" and "My Boy"
    Both these songs were highlights t the he show as well as the upbeat ones
    Elvis really got accepted by the audience I feel as a fan who appreciated his art and showmanship and generosity especially when he gave out gifts freely to the "person on the street" who came from an ordinary family and who were less fortunate than him
    Fans and the general public should remember that Elvis was a great humanitarian than to put him down about the medications he took etc - Amen -
    Many books were written about his life that doesn't ring true to me
    I've read them and have seen many criticised articles on him that I totally disagree
    Only Elvis knew the person he was and became
    It will be interested to see your view points and opinions on this
    Ty in advance
    Long Live The King Elvis Forever

  4. Thanks again Marco for a wonderful share and a wonderful show. Elvis never lost the sense of decency and respect he had installed in him as a child. I love the man for what he was and a humbler human being who had it all like he had has never walked the Earth. The world is in 2 halves, those who have and those who have not and many do not deserve it when looking down on others or not appreciating those without! Elvis simply was never that type and indeed was the complete opposite. I will love him as a person forever.

  5. I totally agree with you my friend Frank Baverstock
    Long live the legacy and name of Elvis Forever - Amen -

  6. Thank you my friend you're amazing! Thank you for your blog!