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lunedì 20 marzo 2017


Written by Julia Cameron
Directed by Gus Trikonis
Starring: Don Johnson / Stephanie Zimbalist / Ann Dusenberry / Rick Lenz
Music by Allyn Ferguson
Country of origin: United States

Executive producer: David Gerber
Producers: Charles B. Fitzsimmons / Jack N. Reddish (associate producer)
Location: Los Angeles
Cinematography: Thomas Del Ruth
Editor: Fred A. Chulack
Running time: 100 minutes
Production company; Columbia Pictures Television. David Gerber Productions
Distributor: NBC
Original network: NBC
Original release: March 1, 1981

Elvis and the Beauty Queen is a 1981 made-for-TV film starring Don Johnson and Stephanie Zimbalist.
Don Johnson stars as Elvis Presley in this made-for-TV true story about The King's love affair with Linda Thompson (Stephanie Zimbalist), a young beauty pageant contestant who was his live-in girlfriend and traveling companion for four of the last five years of his life.
The story begins with their first meeting and traces their years together when Thompson tried to keep Presley off drugs in the last years of his career.[2] It aired on NBC-TV on March 1, 1981 at 9pm.
Seven songs were recorded for the soundtrack in Nashville, Tennessee, with country singer Ronnie McDowell providing the vocals.[1] The band that backed Ronnie McDowell was The Glass Hammer, a Nashville-based band.

Non esiste il DVD in lingua italiana di questo film. Esso fu trasmesso, che io ricordi, solo da Tele Montecarlo negli anni ottanta. Si tratta quindi di una registrazione televisiva; grazie a Mipreloan per il grande lavoro di assemblaggio tecnico.

Thanks to MIPRELOAN.

File ISO.

DOWNLOAD LINKS: https://mega.nz/#!wY4gkAJS!eWVwPl12eorclBzjU_CP1m0ccPmZ5x7hSSP4TUa92Dw

4 commenti:

  1. Tyvm for this film
    A great story of Linda Thompson and Elvis
    She was a pageant queen in a beauty contest when she met Elvis
    Keep up the great work here my friends Marco and Mipreolan
    A very enjoyable film to enjoy
    Long Live The King

  2. Wow, thank you very much Marco for this. Never heard about it. Very appreciated.

    Many thanks to Mipreolan for sharing this.

  3. @ Il Gatto
    This was originally a television movie that was shown on HBO (Home Box Office) and on U.S. TV shows in March '81
    It was available on VHS tape soon after at various stores around the world
    Many European countries showed this on their television networks before it came out on VHS and dvd
    You can pick this up now from eBay and such
    This featured Don Johnson and Stephanie Zimbalist as main characters
    Hope this clarifies your query I'm Gatto and to all members
    Happy viewing and listening
    Long Live The King Elvis Forever

  4. I was aware of this but never watched it! Thank you Marco and MIPREOLAN. :)