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mercoledì 29 marzo 2017


BMG. 1994.
BMG 07863-52772-2.

He Is My Everything
Miracle Of The Rosary
Where Did They Go, Lord
Somebody Bigger Than You And I
An Evening Prayer
The Impossible Dream
If I Can Dream
Know Only To Him
Who Am I
How Great Thou Art

Many thanks to Joe.

LINK: https://mega.nz/#!UYhi0C7S!5LXlTeofOFsOccrnNdH7oAO_rk1CtBE9nRzfQT1MHe4

4 commenti:

  1. Tyvm Joe n Marco for this
    Greetings sent

  2. Thanks Marco for this upload.
    I still own the original LP when it came out in 1978-1979 i think.

  3. Merci beaucoup Marco pour ce précieux partage. Merci à Joe.

  4. The gospel songs on this cd stands a testimony to Elvis legacy as a gospel singer who sang these songs beautifully
    You can feel the peace and serenity to each song as Elvis serenades you
    This was a good vinyl and cd to own
    Highly recommended by me
    A Short Review for this great item
    Let's start with the design of the cover which has a good photo of Elvis from the Aloha show which I don't think has been used before

    To the right of the photo ,Elvis name is stylishly printed in a white ornate style of flourished lettering that looks highly impressive against the black colored background

    1- He Is My Everything
    Recorded : June 9th '71 , at Nashville - first released on the Lp "He Touched Me" - Catalogue Number LSP 4690
    2- Miracle Of The Rosary
    Recorded : May 15th 1971
    Studio : Nashville
    Released on 1972 LP "Elvis Now"
    Catalogue Number : LSP4691
    3- Where Did They Go Lord
    Recorded : September 22nd 1970
    Studio : Nashville
    Released as a Bit side to the single "Rags To Riches " Catalog Number RCA 2084
    UK Chart Position -:9
    Never before been used as an LP track
    4-Somebody Bigger Than You And I
    Recorded: May 27th 1966 at Nashville
    Released on - Lp How Great Thou Art
    Catalogue Number: LPM/LSP -3758

    The session that produced this track and the album ,was the first in 28 months , that Elvis recorded anything than movie soundtracks

    It also marked the debut of producer Felton Jarvis
    The album received a Grammy for best Sacred Performances
    5-An Evening Prayer
    Recorded : May 18th 1971 at Nashville
    Originally released on the 1972 - Lp _"He Touched Me"
    6- The Impossible Dream
    Recorded : Live At Last Vegas
    Date : February 16th 1972
    Previously Unreleased
    This song was already on the vinyl Live At Madison Square Gardens - recorded June 10th '72
    Difference of the two takes us not noticeable
    7- If I Can Dream
    Recorded - June 29th 1968 at NBC Studios - California
    This one is different simply because it is different than the 1969 single and it has no backing vocals on the track
    8- Padre
    Recorded :May 15th 1971 at Nashville
    Originally released on LP Elvis
    Catalogue Number : APL-10283
    9- Known Only To Him
    Recorded : October 31st 1960 at Nashville
    Released on 1961 LP His Hand In Mine
    Catalogue Number :LPM/LSP 2328
    And this was released as a 45Rpm single in US in 1966 coupled with "Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho"
    10- Who Am I
    Recorded : February 22nd 1969
    Studio : American Sound Studios - Memphis
    Originally released on ,1971 LP vinyl
    "You'll Never Walk Alone"
    Catalogue Number : CAL -2472
    11. How Great Thou Art
    Recorded: May 25th 1966 at Nashville
    Originally released on the 1967 award winning album of the same name
    This is also on the 1976 LP entitled - "A Legendary Performer"
    Catalog Number : CPL - 1-1349 and also as a 45rpm vinyl single in the USA only in 1969 , coupled with _"His Hand In Mine"
    A live version of this song appears on the Lp - "Elvis As Recorded Live In Memphis,"
    Catalogue Number:CPL/ APD 1-0606 released in 1974
    Happy Listening