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venerdì 7 aprile 2017


Not Now Music.
3 CD's.
MP3 (320 kbps).

CD 1:
1. Can't Help Falling In Love (Blue Hawaii)
2. (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care (Jailhouse Rock)
3. Wooden Heart (G.I. Blues)
4. Dixieland Rock (King Creole)
5. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear (Loving You)
6. Blue Suede Shoes (G.I. Blues)
7. Blue Hawaii (Blue Hawaii)
8. Shoppin' Around (G.I. Blues)
9. Hawaiian Wedding Song (Blue Hawaii)
10. Poor Boy (Love Me Tender)
11. Don't Ask Me Why (King Creole)
12. No More (Blue Hawaii)
13. A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You (Girls! Girls! Girls!)
14. True Love (Loving You)
15. Ito Eats (Blue Hawaii)
16. Lover Doll (King Creole)
17. We're Gonna Move (Love Me Tender)
18. Young And Beautiful (Jailhouse Rock)
19. We'll Be Together (Girls! Girls! Girls!)
20. I Need You So (Loving You)
21. Because Of Love (Girls! Girls! Girls!)
22. Didja Ever (G.I. Blues)
23. Young Dreams (King Creole)
24. The Walls Have Ears (Girls! Girls! Girls!)

CD 2:
1. Return To Sender (Girls! Girls! Girls!)
2. King Creole (King Creole)
3. Rock-A-Hula Baby (Blue Hawaii)
4. Got A Lot Of Livin' To Do (Loving You)
5. Love Me Tender (Love Me Tender)
6. G. I. Blues (G.I. Blues)
7. Thanks To The Rolling Sea (Girls! Girls! Girls!)
8. Aloha Oe (Blue Hawaii)
9. Let's Have A Party (Loving You)
10. Crawfish (King Creole)
11. Treat Me Nice (Jailhouse Rock)
12. What's She Really Like (G.I. Blues)
13. Don't Leave Me Now (Jailhouse Rock)
14. Pocketful Of Rainbows (G.I. Blues)
15. Loving You (Loving You)
16. Ku-U-I-Po (Blue Hawaii)
17. I Don't Wanna Be Tied (Girls! Girls! Girls!)
18. As Long As I Have You (King Creole)
19. I Don't Want To (Girls! Girls! Girls!)
20. Hot Dog (Loving You)
21. Hawaiian Sunset (Blue Hawaii)
22. Song Of The Shrimp (Girls! Girls! Girls!)
23. Island Of Love (Blue Hawaii)
24. Frankfurt Special (G.I. Blues)

CD 3:
1. Jailhouse Rock (Jailhouse Rock)
2. Hard Headed Woman (King Creole)
3. Tonight Is So Right For Love (G.I. Blues)
4. Almost Always True (Blue Hawaii)
5. Girls! Girls! Girls! (Girls! Girls! Girls!)
6. Mean Woman Blues (Loving You)
7. I Want To Be Free (Jailhouse Rock)
8. Big Boots (G.I. Blues)
9. Blueberry Hill (Loving You)
10. Trouble (King Creole)
11. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You? (Loving You)
12. Moonlight Swim (Blue Hawaii)
13. Where Do You Come From (Girls! Girls! Girls!)
14. Let Me (Love Me Tender)
15. Steadfast, Loyal And True (King Creole)
16. Don't Leave Me Now (Loving You)
17. Slicin' Sand (Blue Hawaii)
18. Earth Boy (Girls! Girls! Girls!)
19. Lonesome Cowboy (Loving You)
20. New Orleans (King Creole)
21. Doing The Best I Can (G.I. Blues)
22. Beach Boy Blues (Blue Hawaii)
23. We're Comin' In Loaded (Girls! Girls! Girls!)

Many thanks to a good friend.

LINK: https://mega.nz/#!sNIDlISa!arukGgEKke2GsyjFTr8UcQMkicDmzoZo__w8hl_fggA

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