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domenica 2 aprile 2017


Germany. 1988.
BMG PD 89980.

Love Me Tender
Let Me
Poor Boy
We're Gonna Move
Loving You (slow version, take 10)
Party (1st movie version)
Hot Dog
Teddy Bear
Loving You (takes 20 & 21)
Mean Woman Blues (alternate film version)
Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do (film version)
Loving You (fast version, take 1)
Lonesome Cowboy
Jailhouse Rock (film version with vocal overdub, take 6)
Treat Me Nice (take 10)
Young And Beautiful (take 12)
Don't Leave Me Now (orignial version take 12)
I Want To Be Free (orignial version take 11)
Baby I Don't Care (orignial version take 16, vocal overdub take 6)
Jailhouse Rock (take 5)
Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do!
Loving You (slow version, take 1)
Mean Woman Blues
Loving You (fast version, take 8)
Treat Me Nice
Love Me Tender (end titleversion)

LINK: https://mega.nz/#!nAxxASYQ!CMF20j1NInBlmp99mGHL9kX-gqV6v1EBAUupLLX91PQ

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  1. Thanks so much for this one Marco
    Best wishes sent

  2. Merci beaucoup Marco encore une fois. Un autre trésor que vous partagez avec nous de bon coeur. Merci de partager votre passion.

  3. Additional Info
    Essential Elvis marked a watershed in the ongoing a release a decade after the death of Elvis
    Released in 1987 and it ran for 42:26 approximately it delighted the Elvis fan with great sounding out takes from the fifties - especially from the first
    movies .
    Though RCA Victor had mandated a continuing stream of releases from the late rock star after his demise in 1977,they had at first been lack luster efforts , not unlike the sometimes bad releases characterised Presley's releases during his lifetime .

    My Verdict of this release
    Having been a fan of Elvis for many a year now ,I welcome this totally into my collection and memorablia that I've been fortunate to collect for over forty years

    When I was younger in my youth , I collected every penny i earned as a boy and I can remember going with my parents to go to the stores and buy the latest 45rpm ,LP etc of Elvis and I've studied and passed my exams at school etc about his life and career and have achieved a high grade of his life and career

    I'm very fortunate ,blessed and happy to share my items with you all here andy knowledge about Elvis too with you all here on Marco's 31768 sites that he runs .

    He's a great friend to me - tyvm Marco and all here that I happen to meet .God bless you all and protect you at all times .

    It's a honor ,privilege to meet you all here my friends .

    Its my utmost pleasure ,honor and privilege to do so

    This cd here is a good item to collect alongside the other three in this set if you as I'm sure you all do live the early sound of Elvis as I do

    I have loved his sound as I grew up and still love his sound even now as a long term fan

    Long Live The King Elvis Forever and Long His Name and Legacy as long as I'm on God's earth and beyond - Amen -

    Ty for taking the time to read this
    Best wishes/regards sent from me to you all
    My Elvis Friends