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sabato 1 aprile 2017


Live at the Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada. February 18, 1973. Midnight show.
AUDIO: ** / *****
MP3 (192 kbps).

Many thanks to "Ronny 2013".

LINK: https://mega.nz/#!M8dSyCLD!Wlu_THwJQtlAKzPIpr1F2CEGf-OO4oBW9LNUb3nTx8s

7 commenti:

  1. Thanks for adding my cd here for all to enjoy
    This is such a good show for all to enjoy
    Best regards sent
    @Marco please check your Google drive and add when possible
    Taking Care Of Elvis Forever

  2. Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.

    1. Additional info about this show
      Just after the song Suspicious Minds on this cd - few men stormed the stage
      This was an irregular act by any one and Elvis thought that they were attacking him - so he defended himself
      The guys who were Elvis bodyguards ran on stage especially Red West and Sonny West
      A fight broke out
      You can hear the screams of the fans on this segment applauding Elvis on the fight
      In truth the men were only asking him for autographs and scarves, it was assumed
      A funny and dangerous way to act tho
      This came to being because in truth - just a couple years before this took place - Elvis thought he was gonna be assassinated on stage and that's why he carried a gun on stage in his boot
      He had to be cautious in every way possible due to his status as a rock star
      This show proved that he was
      Enjoy the cd and info
      Long Live The King

      @marco please check your email for more CDs i have posted tonite
      Enjoy and add when possible thank you

  3. Wow, the video would be great to see! Thank you Marco and Ronny and thanks for the extra info :)

  4. @Frank Baverstock
    At the moment there's no footage of this taking place - but you can sense the excitement when you hear it of what's taking place
    It has been speculated that the bodyguards that Elvis employed were rough handed at times with fans but this occurred after this show
    Enjoy the cd my friend and enjoy weekend
    Best wishes sent
    Added info -
    Elvis took precautions on many occurrences like this in Vegas and On Tour

    Long Live The King Elvis Forever

  5. Thank you Marco for sharing this. Thank you Ronny to share with us the CD and all the info. This info about the fight is WOW ! I knew Red was a fighter but at the Elvis show, wow. Many thanks guys.

  6. Additional info about this cd
    This is also on

    Title : I'll Kick Your Ass
    Label : Teenager Records
    Catalog number TR21873
    Released :2002

    Post Note
    On this Cd Sonny West re- tells you the story about the fight that took place on this date that was recorded on - August 14th 1999 from Sonny West
    It's the last track on this cd
    Very interesting

    Title : Kicking And Rolling
    Label : Straight Arrow Cd
    Released : 2007
    Catalogue Number: SA-2007 -06-02
    Happy Listening