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lunedì 24 aprile 2017


Edizioni Master.
"Kid Galahad".
LINGUE (mono): italiano, inglese, francese, tedesco e spagnolo.
SOTTOTITOLI: italiano, francese, spagnolo, olandese, finlandese, norvegese, ebraico, danese, greco.
Widescreen 16:9
Colore. 1h32'
PAL 1.85:1
File ISO.

LINK: https://mega.nz/#!s6QFSRpQ!u2DSkCLRVXGbkpwNJYP7dMDfJ18wqEUuO7iVWg3wvOQ

7 commenti:

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  2. Info about this movie
    Ty Marco for this film
    Here are some facts about the movie
    Mushy Callahan a professional boxing coach - trained Elvis in this movie on the boxing scenes
    Charles Bronson kept his distance from Elvis as he disliked him whilst making this movie with him
    A deleted opening scene showed Elvis stealing a pint of milk that was cut on the final print
    Enjoy the info and film

    Taking Care Of Elvis Forever

  3. On June 1973, there was an Italian theatrical version called "Il carnefice del ring". That silly version featured in some wai Charles Bronson like the movie star... http://www.benitomovieposter.com/catalog/il-carnefice-del-ring-p-145714.html?language=en

  4. Quando il 3 maggio 1963 il film arriva nelle sale italiane, con il titolo "Pugno proibito", la locandina è ovviamente tutta per Elvis, anche se fa piacere trovare Bronson citato come quarto nome del cast. Però qualcosa sta succedendo: in Italia, nei successivi anni, l’attore diventerà un mito… anche più di Elvis!
    Se credete che stia esagerando, basta guardare la locandina dei quotidiani che dieci anni dopo accompagna il ritorno del film al cinema (3 giugno 1973), presentato con il titolo Il carnefice del ring: stavolta Elvis… non è neanche citato! Tutto è dedicato a Bronson, sebbene la sua sia solo una piccola parte, e con tanto di baffi… che nel film non ha!
    Anzi, il poster a colori del film riporta l’errato nome Elvy Presley… come se Elvis scomparisse davanti a Charles Bronson… http://www.benitomovieposter.com/catalog/il-carnefice-del-ring-p-145714.html?language=en

  5. Thank you very much Marco, very appreciated.

  6. Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.

    1. Thanks Marco for this info
      I knew this took place my friend
      Another actor that disliked Elvis was "Leif Erickson who acted as Joe Lean in "Roustabout"
      These stars thought that Elvis was a show off
      How wrong were they to think this
      Many stars that acted alongside Elvis and who met him off screen or in movies have stated different about their views about Elvis - Only a handful of stars like Charles Bronson ,Leif Erickson disliked him for no apparent reason
      Perhaps they thought that he was getting more fan mail than them and recognition as an upcoming acting star
      It's too late now to specify why this took place

      Post Note
      - Elvis was a cool and a great respectable entertainer that respected all elders and the greatest star that walked on God's earth - Amen -
      Long Live Elvis The King Forever
      Enjoy the info and film
      Greetings sent