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mercoledì 26 aprile 2017


Live in Las Vegas. August 15, 1969. MIDNIGHT show.
No label.
AUDIO: *** / *****
MP3 (128 kbps).

LINK: https://mega.nz/#!moJmRJKJ!E8wRlKc6P52znZTqHAWpSTEGY2WUbtY7mJ66h2yo0Bs

7 commenti:

  1. Many thanks for this one Marco my friend
    This show depicts one of the best eras for Elvis comeback to the stage after a long spell making movies and playing to audiences who awaited great his return
    Elvis was like a panther awaiting to please the crowds
    Great show
    thanks for this
    Other CDs that have this show are CDR
    Happy Listening
    Taking Care Of Elvis Forever

  2. Thank you again Marco my friend for your releases for us. Thank you to be there for us.

  3. Additional Info About The Vegas Years

    Elvis by now was recognised as the mega star who challenged his ambitions as a recording artist and movie star

    Ok some movies in the sixties were not up to his best ability but it did make money at box offices and he didn't get the chance to make a movie that he really enjoyed with a good script etc
    He had the potential and ability in being a good movie star if he was challenged but that never took place ,sorry to say ,-

    His records he was producing were good ones and yes I did say producing in the sense that he always was the producer of his trade - He knew what sounds to expect from the many "takes" of songs he did and if he liked them he'd use them as the final cut

    Not many fans know of this
    Yes he'd have personal like Steve Scholes,Felton Jarvis and co - but it was himself who called the shots at sessions

    Vegas was another challenge for him
    After his triumphant TV show from June 68 he was itching to get back on stage

    Yes had to finish his movie contracts before he did this ,which he did after stellar sessions at the American Sound Sessions that took place in Memphis in January /February 1969 in his hometown
    This was to be his second venture by recording in his home town

    The first being at Sun Studios in 1953-55 for Sam Phillips

    Long Live The King
    Enjoy the info and sounds
    Taking Care Of Elvis Forever

  4. Il dinner show del 15 Agosto del 1969 non esiste a oggi. La data del concert years vol 1 è esatta ma lo show è il midnight show.
    Anche il cd Runaway non è il dinner show.

    1. Grazie mille! Correggo subito ! Conto sul tuo aiuto per altre correzioni future. :)

  5. X quello che posso fare, volentieri :)

  6. Thanks for info Alex and Marco -
    The '69 shows on this set of discs may be wrong yes - but you must remember that in some vault deep in some mine rests the shows we are all craving for
    Even the cd - Opening Night on Bootleg aint right date - Its August 3rd 69 - The Opening show from July 31st 69 is some where in some vault - This show was mainly for media and invited guests in the media field and for RCA Personnel
    Enjoy the info and sounds here