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sabato 13 maggio 2017

BEST LAS VEGAS LIVE 1969 [Alberto Records]

Alberto Records.
CD 2012.
MP3 (320 kbps).

01 - Blue Suede Shoes (22-8-1969 DS)
02 - I Got A Woman (23-8-1969 MS)
03 - All Shook Up (23-8-1969 MS)
04 - Jailhouse Rock-Don't Be Cruel (26-8-1969 MS)
05 - Heartbreak Hotel (26-8-1969 MS)
06 - Hound Dog (21-8-1969)
07 - My Babe (26-8-1969 Aug 26 DS)
08 - Mystery Train / Tiger Man (23-8-1969 MS)
09 - Baby, What You Want Me To Do (22-8-1969 DS)
10 - Reconsider Baby (23-8-1969 MS)
11 - Are You Lonesome Tonight (26-8-1969 MS)
12 - Rubberneckin' (26-8-1969 MS)
13 - Yesterday - Hey Jude (26-8-1969 MS)
14 - In The Ghetto (26-8-1969)
15 - This Is The Story (26-8-1969 MS)
16 - Suspicious Minds (22-8-1969 DS) 17 - What'd I Say (23-8-1969 MS)
18 - Can't Help Falling In Love (22-8-1969 DS)

LINK: https://mega.nz/#!XcRR0RYY!N6Nf7qCcTNdPU8ERMTbfeKynMmE0eSo-qXRvh5F1Hao

5 commenti:

  1. Merci beaucoup Marco, j'adore cette période d'Elvis à Las Vegas. Il était en pleine forme, en bonne santé et plein d'énergie. Merci Marco pour toutes ces nouveautés. Merci de bien prendre soin des admirateurs d'Elvis. Merci de votre bon travail sur vos blogs.

  2. I am very curious as to what what someone classes as the best and will look forward to it. Thank you Marco :)

  3. Info for Frank Baverstock and to all members
    In general the Vegas shows of '69 were the beginning of a great working relationship with the hotel franchise,his management team and on his fans
    The return to liver performances were arranged initially in '65 but Elvis had to finish his movie contracts before he took this challenge
    During the summer of '68 Elvis met with Steve Binder who had a project in his mind to rejuvenate Elvis career as he saw that Elvis was "itching" to get back to live performances .Fans only thought that Elvis was a movie star and a recording star and missed him so much
    Long gone were the days when he played in concerts touring state to state
    Majority of the movies he made in the mid sixties were "B" type movies who were only raking in cash for the studio's .
    He needed a comeback to beat all comebacks by any artist and Steve Binder and his co workers at NBC provided this for Elvis
    The colonel wanted Elvis to do a Xmas show like Andy Williams .
    Elvis declined the colonels wishes and went along with Steve Binders project instead
    Rehearsals were set for June 24th and 25th 1968 and the shows would follow on June 27th and June 29th 1968
    These were known as the iconic 1968 TV Special
    Earl Brown even wrote the iconic "If U Can Dream" especially for Elvis
    Thus turned out to be his first protest song - the second being "In The Ghetto"
    Well after the success of the TV special - Elvis returned to the studio to record and then in July 31st '69 he returned to Vegas
    This was a great challenge for him
    And the rest is history
    Long Live The King Elvis Forever

  4. Earl Brown wrote If I Can Dream
    So sorry for typo mistakes

  5. To answer Frank's query personally I class Elvis best performances

    Well I have five in mind
    The first being the fifties TV shows and then the sixty eight comeback ,Vegas 69 and then TTWII and Aloha
    Elvis On Tour was ok but he did perform well during the April 72 tour from April 9th to the 14th
    The one that stands the test of time for me was the 68 Comeback and then Vegas 69 -70 and Aloha From Hawaii show simply duly to the energetic status he put in each shows
    I love all his shows that have surfaced in one form or the other
    Happy Listening