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venerdì 12 maggio 2017


Germany. 2001.
BMG. 07863 69354-2.
4 CD's.

See tracklist HERE !.

ARTWORK & BOOKLET: https://mega.nz/#!t3hFRQrC!fAN11h00FuqQfGo4loUa8eLcPd7X--vRQZsZlG-D0jQ
CD 1: https://mega.nz/#!A3BTwBxR!9MOJ7m6YUwhbmkUfF4q1CJyL7of7ws1uQVRzKb_eOco
CD 2: https://mega.nz/#!5qpFERbC!c0QaD0gFBJc5wgd-CJUCOTj20Cf76fgyBGiCtJgG_rc
CD 3: https://mega.nz/#!42YHwKoA!_DQ_d0OIgJC8ZCQgX8ZL7SawCXOPxNkcjWZlSelt8Kw
CD 4: https://mega.nz/#!d2BTAaRC!GCxIELJKxTPkhOdw_V6-aYO7d-gvw2vZlDaNfdf0gcw

4 commenti:

  1. Thank you so much Marco for this great German Boxset. I love his Vegas period. Thanks Marco for your fantastic work here.

  2. Brilliant issue many thanks in sharing this set
    Greetings sent

  3. Additional Info About This Item
    This was released on July 10th 2001 on RCA records
    Disc 1 comprises of the complete show from August 24th '69 and Disc 2 comprises of the complete show from August 11th '70
    Disc 3 and 4 comprises of a time span from 1956 to 1975 and not in chronological order
    As a loyal fan of many years personally I would recommend this set to any one who love the live sets that Elvis gave on his numerous Vegas shows
    Vegas - the word itself sets a great flamboyant picture of what it would look like - All the glitz and glamour of the lights that light up the Nevada desert with the billboards advertising that the King was in town for numerous seasons during the summer and winter months entertaining the numerous fans who witnessed the shows
    Elvis played at Vegas during the fifties but the only setback then was that the audience that he played to at Venus Room were conservative adults who disliked his moves etc - the youngsters and youth in '56 were looking for a sound and a leader to follow and discovered Elvis
    They loved him and he loved them in return
    The majority of the adults detested Elvis due to the presentation of his music and his moves
    When Elvis returned from his service in the US army they started to like him
    The comeback in '68 for Elvis paved his way to play Vegas again after his triumphant comeback
    Vegas was the next step as he pounded the Vegas stage after 13 years after he bombed Vegas
    He opened Vegas on July 31st '69
    Now this was a great era in American history
    It was the first of the moonlandings and Elvis was on a high
    He openers on July 31st because he wanted the right atmosphere
    Barbara Streisand played the same stage on July 30th '69 because Elvis didn't want the hiccups on the new built hotel
    Now thats info for you as many books don't specify this
    Streisand saw Elvis on the night after her stage presentation on July 31st '69 so did Shirley Bassey and many other celebrities who were personally invited for Elvis opening show
    Fans gotta remembering at the Opening show at Vegas was not for the general public but for media and selective audience of celebrities
    There was a cd entitled Opening Night '69 on the import circuit
    Name Of CD .... Opening Night 69
    Label : Fort Baxter
    Catalog Number :CD 73169
    Released :1993
    Unfortunately this is not the Opening night but it is the August 3rd '69 dinner show
    The cover has a great action shot of Elvis with a blue two piece suit that he wore in '69
    The bandwagon was on a roll now with the management who looked after Elvis's interests mainly the colonel and his staff made Elvis do two shows daily by him doing dinner and midnight shows
    Yes I know that Conrad Hilton, Alex Shoofey and the Hilton execs knew that Elvis would bring in the crowds in to the hotel and get its revenues up
    It worked and he did
    Enjoy the info
    Elvis played at Vegas from 1969 to 76 playing during the summer and winter months
    In '70 when he played Vegas during the summer it was a feature on his MGM movie "That's The Way It Is"
    Long Live The King Elvis Forever