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giovedì 18 maggio 2017

ON STAGE [CD. 1999]

BMG. 1999.
07863 67741 2.

See See Rider (February 18 - 1970, MS)
Release Me (February 18 - 1970, MS)
Sweet Caroline (February 16 - 1970, DS)
Runaway (August 25 - 1969, DS)
The Wonder Of You (February 18 - 1970, DS)
Polk Salad Annie (February 18 - 1970, MS)
Yesterday / Hey Jude (August 25 - 1969, DS)
Proud Mary (February 16 - 1970, DS)
Walk A Mile In My Shoes (February 19 - 1970, MS)
In The Ghetto (February 1970)
Don't Cry Daddy (February 17 - 1970)
Kentucky Rain (February 17 - 1970)
I Can't Stop Loving You (February 19, 1970)
Suspicious Minds (February 1970)
Long Tall Sally (February 1970)
Let It Be Me (February 17 - 1970, MS)

LINK: https://mega.nz/#!FMgBCbRI!AgPYipJejFCG4g9NDPXaLGahzGgF8i_Xlq6-5wnp9Fg

4 commenti:

  1. Elvis during the early seventies was a rockin star who made hundreds of fans happy
    I remember as a young boy going to my local record dealer to get this on vinyl
    Wow happy memories for me
    Tyvm in sharing this gem from Germany for all to enjoy
    Long Live The King Elvis Forever

  2. Thank you Marco for this great German CD ! Keep up the huge work that is done here my friend.

  3. Additional Info
    The Vegas years especially from '70 was great challenge for Elvis
    Entertainers and fellow stars and celebrities wanted a private audience with Elvis especially after shows

    This request was granted by Elvis as he attended the after show meetings after the closing shows at Vegas through out the seventies
    Celebrities such as Cary Grant and George Hamilton the fourth as well as Juliet Prowse saw Elvis as did many others
    Shirley Bassey met Elvis a year prior to this show on July 31st '69 when he opened Vegas
    You can see this on various import dvds depicting the Vegas era
    The era '70 for Elvis was exciting as he sung mm any great hits that did very well for him
    This cd depicts that and you can sense the excitement portrayed by Elvis
    Hope that this has given all members a sense of what it was like at Vegas
    Enjoy the sounds and info
    Long Live The King Forever