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After some troubles,here I go again.

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mercoledì 24 maggio 2017


BMG. Germany.
07863 67676 2.
1999. CD.

When The Saints Go Marching In
I Understand Just How You Feel
I Asked The Lord
I'm Beginning To Forget You
Mona Lisa
Hands Off
Make Believe
If I Loved You
What Now My Love
Tumblin' Tumbleweeds
San Antonio Rose
Tennessee Waltz
Show Me Thy Ways, O Lord
After Loving You
I've Been Blue
Mary Lou Brown
It's No Fun Being Lonely
Indescribably Blue
Write To Me From Naples
My Heart Cries For You
Dark Moon

LINK: https://mega.nz/#!kcxk1B7L!GVjpeVv_enrn-Xbh46aoX-VuqUZTOcAy1npVJbcEajA

5 commenti:

  1. Awesome tyvm Marco for this gem
    Long Live The King Elvis Forever

  2. Thank you so much Marco for this great German treasure. Thank you Marco for all what you do for the fans. You are number one Marco. Long Live Marco's blogs. Long Live The King.

  3. Additional Info
    These recordings were recorded under relaxing events rather than the tight schedules at RCA Studios.

    Elvis seems to be jovial and candid on most these as the cd depicts

    There's been loads of homerecording cds that have surfaced so far on the import field and not too many as yet on commercial cds .

    Hoping there are are more commercially soon .

    I'm not complaining to say the least , but let's face it - Elvis Presley surely did much more than what this cd depicts under private moments

    We can only hope that Sony / BMG and their associates release what we crave for and hear our pleas.

    Things like Elvis On Tour deluxe edition is way over due now.
    Enjoy this cd and info
    Greetings sent .
    Taking Care Of Elvis Forever

  4. My advice is bootleg box set "OFF THE RECORDS", available on "Bootlegging Elvis" blog. It features every homerecordings from Elvis.

  5. Yes Marco you're right my friend
    Theres a rumour that Elvis had done many other homerecording such as the lost recordings of
    Milky White Way ,Joshua Fit De Battle ,and I John The Revelator alongside with the "Golden Gate Quartet" when he saw them perform at Paris in '59.Elvis was in the audience and this tape was given to Rick Whittlesell (Editor of magazine Gold Mine) Unfortunately this guy died and this tape can't be found.
    At La Crosse on May 14th 1956 Elvis supposedly sung 'Only You'
    "Fools Hall Of Fame " from the '57 Canadian show
    Does any one have any light on this
    As a fan for many years now this seemed a mystery to me
    ..Thanks in taking a the time for reading this plea