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giovedì 8 giugno 2017


Sue McCasland / Joseph A. Krein.

You were allowed to take pictures during concerts when Elvis was on tour, but during the engagements at Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe it was prohibited. Sue McCasland was among the very few fans who were able to take pictures. There was a much more intimate atmosphere in Tahoe, because of a smaller showroom, so the risk was higher to get caught while sneaking cameras into the showroom and taking pictures during the concert. With that knowledge, one can appreciate the value of Sue's photos - a real treasure, so to say. And fortunately, Sue has decided to share her personal treasure with us.

Why is Lake Tahoe such an enigma?
All existing information is based on vague reports, second hand word of mouth and Lake Tahoe memorabilia remains the rarest and most sought after in the Elvis World. It is inexplicable why there is such a vast amount of material about Las Vegas, but close to nothing exists about Lake Tahoe.
Thousands of photos are known documenting Elvis' engagements in Las Vegas. But in contrast, there were engagements in Lake Tahoe where nearly nothing is known - only a handful of pictures and a few reports.
Such a mystery that Ed Bonja, who was Elvis' tour photographer and responsible for nearly all covershots of singles and LPs of the 70s, names the book 'World's Best Kept Secret'.

Many thanks to Rafael.

LINK: https://mega.nz/#!QiwhGSRL!Y0LXu3wBwC1RViRJDLWPo-fBCKzuq6s5mfraMb-K3ko

11 commenti:

  1. Ty Rafael and Marco for this great title
    Best regards sent

  2. Thank you so much Marco for this great rare book. Thanks to Rafael: the JPG scans are very good quality.

  3. many thanks to Marco and Rafael

  4. I always wanted read this book , thank you!

  5. Thank you Marco & Rafael I don't have this book

  6. Downloading now, thanks again


  8. Some Great books are
    Elvis In Focus by Sean Shaver
    Life And Times Of Elvis by Sean Shaver
    Elvis Concerts By Joe Tunzie or any books by him
    Caught In A Trap By Arjaan Deelan
    FTD books

    Books by EdBonja, Paul Lichter and Christopher Brown and Erik Skaar
    Keith Flynn And Erik Lorentzens books
    Hoping to see a few of these in future if possible
    Best regards sent
    Taking Care Of Elvis Forever

  9. Additional Info About The Lake Tahoe Shows
    Even tho Ed Bonja may have stated that this was "A World's Kept Secret"- the Tahoe shows were a second income to Elvis who made a good wage playing at Del Webb's hotel in Tahoe
    He started in July '71 whilst playing at the International Hotel .this venue was across the Stateline
    Elvis shows here were more relaxed than at Vegas where he had to do twice nightly shows
    At Lake Tahoe he did some great shows and even 3:am shows to accommodate the fans who ventured from afar to see him perform
    There's not any footage to date if these shows and there are a few shows from '71 ,74 and '76 that do exist on cds and a few photographs that were taken by fans
    These shows were great in the knowledge that Elvis would and did embrace this challenge with open arms and he did his utmost best on the shows
    However especially during the mud seventies at Lake Tahoe in '74 there were a few issues from his security guys such as Red West and company that nearly got "hot under their collars" so to speak - among fans who wanted to get close to Elvis at Lake Tahoe and On Tour. Their behaviour towards certain fans displeased Elvis when he heard about it and words were said - And Elvis nearly faced alimony charges due to this
    Elvis career was on a good path : despite his health as he put weight on and lost it during this time
    Enjoy the info and this book
    Hoping to see more books like this in future especially from FTD and such if possible
    Many thanks
    Greetings sent

  10. No footage exist I meant of this era to date yet

  11. GRACIAS RAFA y MARCO !!! You are the BEST COLLECTORS in the all WORLD !!! saludos desde Argentina !!