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sabato 29 luglio 2017

AUGUST 11, 1970 MS [video by Glen]

Live in Las Vegas, Nevada. August 11, 1970. Midnight show.

Video reworked by Glen. Many thanks for your great job.

PART 2: https://mega.nz/#!UOgznZpS!H3Yc382VW63gPEo7G-gyqPsZau46Q2ixdJ6R4LjCBjs
PART 3: https://mega.nz/#!FOYGSBoL!sSGYM_bDvlKP9s_ACgOeKO7H0FKJ88DA9WB68OCOPeU

3 commenti:

  1. Tyvm Glen my friend for this great footage
    Keep up the great work here
    Many thanks to Marco too for this my friend

  2. Additional Info
    The previous night August 10th '70 was the opening show at Vegas for his Summer Festival.
    Elvis signed a contract to do two shows nightly from August 10th to September 7th '70.
    MGM cameras left the showroom soon after the summer festival so that Elvis could concentrate on live shows to end his contract with the officials at MGM etc .
    His shows were electric and fast paced as he did his shows.
    At Vegas he broke attendance records as he was one of the main attractions around this period of his life .
    Everyone wanted to see him work.
    Pity not many shows were professionally filmed after his summer festival

    Yes fans did manage to film some shows under strict conditions as 8 mm footage - I guess that there's a minefield if footage in some deep mine filmed by some one who worked for either the International or MGM studios .
    One day our dreams may come true.
    I sure do hope so -
    There have been so many false rumors that were on various sites about a definative edition of this movie.
    Many people including me believed it until we were told some sad story that this was not true -
    On the import circuit many cds were released to collectors to collect of material from rehearsal sessions and live material from the film "That's The Way It Is".
    Enjoy this footage kindly mixed by my friend Glen for all to enjoy and enjoy the info too

    "Taking Care Of Elvis Forever"

  3. Thanks again Marco to share this reworked precious history moment ! Thanks again to Glen for his time and professional work.